Top Reasons To Consider Purchasing A Short Term Health Insurance Policies in Texas

When one is self-employed, it will mean that they do not have the benefits that individuals working for the various companies in the working world enjoy. One, unlike the employed persons, will be on their own health insurance. The short term health insurance plans are designed to provide individual healthcare coverage for a specific period, up to 364 days. The insurance plans are also renewable for up to 30 months in many states in the US. Click here for additional info related to getting a short term healthcare insurance plan:

There are two main reasons why individuals will choose to spend on short team health insurance plans. One of the top reasons why you will need to consider spending on a short team health insurance plan is the fact that this option is more affordable when compared to other types of primary medical insurance in the insurance marketplace. There is no doubt that one has the chance to benefit from low premiums when they select these insurance policies. The cost of the short term health insurance policies is considerably lower when compared to the marketplace plans. On average, one might pay $522 on a single-person health plan in the case of the marketplace plans, but in the case of short term health insurance policies, the premiums might cost you as low as $100 in every month. If one is not ready to spend thousands of dollars as is the case with the marketplace health insurance plans, you might consider the low priced short team health plans considering that they offer you a better deal. This site has more info about the benefits of short term plans.

Another reason why an individual will prefer spending on the short term health insurance plans is the fact that they offer flexible timing. If an individual loses job-based health insurance, they will qualify for a 60-day special enrollment during which one can sign up for an individual health insurance plan. It is possible that one can forget to enroll in an insurance plan, and this will mean that they will wait for the enrollment period which starts in November and runs for only about six weeks. On the other hand, the short term insurance plans will be the ideal choice considering that one can purchase them at any given time of the year. The flexible timing that comes with the short term health insurance plans will make them the ideal choice for any individual especially when your schedules are inherently flexible. Learn more about short term health insurance here:

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